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John McCabe

Managing Director of McCabe Consultancy, a company which provides Personal development and coaching for both individuals and to companies. Born in the East end of Glasgow, a lover of football (I am also a qualified Scottish Football Association Referee), I  still regularly support my local football team. 

I have worked in a number of financial companies in the past within their Information Technology functions managing Programmes and Projects. I still manage Programmes and Projects for large finance clients today. 

Although working in Technology, it became apparent to myself  and everyone around me that i  have a real passion for people. Working with people to ensure that they reached their full potential and were happy and fulfilled in what they were doing, whatever the context. I know you might be thinking this is a cliche, and I can’t blame you for that but I make no apology for wanting people to be all they can. Even today you can still see the impact in Glasgow of people accepting ‘what they have’ and in some cases going into what I call ‘Victim’ mode and blaming everyone and everything else for the position they find themselves in. I am a huge admirer of  all of the coaches and people out there making a difference and find myself engrossed in whatever Tony Robbins or Jack Black or Robin Sieger and many others are  currently doing, so check them out.

I decided to setup my consultancy company to seriously turn my attention to coaching and  to help in whatever way I can. Let’s not be totally altruistic, I also have to earn a living :-)

I am a qualified, with distinction professional coach, and a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. I have worked in corporate environments and have practical experience of using Human Resources policies for real. I have worked with all levels in organisations and am able to effectively facilitate positive change. I have used my coaching skills in both a corporate and personal environment and was fortunate to implement an award winning coaching initiative at a large multinational finance organisation.

I look forward to hearing from you

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