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“Different Not Less”

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

If you get the Sky Atlantic channel on your television then you will hopefully know what I am talking about. ¬†They were advertising extensively a biopic film about a lady called Temple Grandin who is Autistic yet has a Masters degree and is a published author in her chosen field. after all the advertising I had to watch it. One of the phrases Temples mother used in the film when speaking to her was to confirm for her that yes she was different from other people but not less. I am a sucker for great phrases in films and that one stuck with me. How often do we see people who may be Autistic or In some way either mentally or physically challenged and we label them thinking they can’t do certain things in life. We all in our own way have challenges that we are facing up to in life and whatever they are know that you will get through them. Next time I see someone who is not quite fitting the stereotype I will be sure to remember that every human being is different and definitely not less.