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‘No picture then it didn’t happen’

Friday, April 6th, 2012

It all started with one comment from my youngest son Greg. I mentioned to him that I had been sitting on the train one day beside Matt Dawson who does question of sport on BBC television. He said to me did you get a picture and my reply was that of course I wasn’t going to bug the guy when he was going about his normal business. I was a business man travelling on business and it was not the done thing to ask for photos from people travelling beside you. His reply was, you guessed it “No picture then it didn’t happen”. That then got me thinking about how many ‘celebrities’ we actually share our day to day lives with. Little did I know that following that comment I was about to find myself in a number of situations which led to me getting pictures just to prove to Greg that I had met the person concerned. And to be honest it became a bit of a thing for me and has resulted in some  fun pictures. So just for fun, I am going to share with you my ‘celebrity’ pictures. The first one is a recent event with some good friends where I had to take my chance to grab a picture with Emeli Sandé :-)