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Health Matters

I have been very fortunate in life and have never had to deal with any illness worth talking about. The usual colds and flus that everyone gets at some point in life but nothing which has impacted me in any major way. This week I have battled on manfully whilst suffering with ‘Man Flu’ or as it is known to women, I have a ‘wee cold’. I don’t know if it is because I am getting older but I can’t remember feeling this bad before with a cold and have been feeling very sorry for myself. My wife is great and has been as supportive as ever telling me to stop coughing so loudly and if I am that ill why don’t I get out of everyones way. She has this knack of keeping everything in perspective which I am not always appreciative of particular when in my opinion I should be getting some pampering and support cos I am not well. I still have got this cold and I hope very soon to be rid of the dry cough but it does make you appreciate how even a slight illness can affect your life and what you do on a day to day basis. If you have been blessed with good health then look after yourself so that you can keep in good health, we only get one body.

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