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Dec 2010 – We think we are in control ?

Recent weather in the UK and particularly Scotland has shown us just how much we are really in control. We rush about on a daily basis dealing with all your current priorities and dealing with the most important tasks of the time, then it snows and what happens. The roads can’t be used, the trains are off and the buses are off and we are in effect stranded wherever we may be. I was one of the lucky ones and when I travelled 15 miles in over 2 hours I thought how frustrating it was and how i wished we would just get on top of this sort of thing and keep the roads open and gritted so we can travel. Then I heard about my friend who took 9+ hours to travel 13 miles and make no mistake we were the lucky ones as we did not have to sleep overnight in our cars whilst the temperature was -17 degrees.

There has been some real acts of incompetence when the Scottish Transport minister did not even have the intelligence to apologise for the situation people found themselves in whilst they were still stuck in their cars overnight. He even said that the gritters etc. were doing a great job (I don’t doubt the ones who could move on the roads were but that didn’t help when the nation was gridlocked). It did allow me and others to concentrate on what really needed done bee it in a work context or family context and people started to help their neighbours. Now we have shortages in shops and petrol stations running out. I don’t think it is all down to panic buying but in some way to that and in some way down to the delivery lorries not yet getting through.

We really do think we can control nature and are masters of our universe but in reality, how much in control are we really?

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