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what is coaching?

Coaching will be something you are very familiar with in the world of sports, whether it be a tennis coach sitting in the stand watching their prodigy on the centre court at Wimbledon or a football coach standing at the side of the pitch screaming instructions to his team.

That is obviously not the type of coaching that is done in a personal or corporate environment. Can you imagine someone in your office screaming how to do things from the sidelines.....No I don't think that would work.

Coaching is looking to get someone to reach their goal using the resources they have available to them. To give them the motivation and strategies which will help them reach their Personal or corporate goals. The Coach will not give you the answer but show you that you have the answer and to help you move forward.

As a coach you need to have  a love of people. You gain personal and professional satisfaction from helping others to reach their goals.

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