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what's on offer?

McCabe consultancy offers inspirational programmes that deliver real and long lasting benefits to individuals, teams and organisations. Examples of Programmes and Services include:

Facilitation of key meetings
Expert support in successfully facilitating business meetings whether senior teams, operational or customer meetings. 

Team effectiveness
Programme to enhance team and individual performance, tailored to the needs of the organisation

Developing People
This programme offers skills to leaders and managers who want to support their team members’ development. Includes interview skills and assessment.

Communication skills
Supporting people in teams and individually to enhance communication skills and how to deal effectively with difficult conversations

Career Counselling
Focussed support for those going through major career change whether by choice, redundancy or starting up in business. I offer both individual and corporate programmes for organisations going through restructuring.

Performance Coaching (including sports)
Participants learn coaching skills and how to improve interactions with colleagues, team, managers and to breakthrough barriers to high performance .

Managing change
Support for managers and people in organisations going through a major change process

Effective Leadership
Supporting leaders to develop leadership effectiveness.

Executive Coaching
Coaching programme providing one to one confidential business support.

Employment law
Exploring areas of potential training and guidance for managers new to areas of grievance and disciplinary

Programmes are tailored to the needs of individuals, teams and organisations. I pride myself in designing and delivering programmes that really make a positive difference. For further information, please call:

John McCabe,
46 Bankton Avenue,
Livingston, Scotland EH54 9LD.

tel: +44 (0) 1506 420630
mob: +44 (0) 7515 742775

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